Updates and FAQ

Here's our updated custom Commercial Xtra Pack Channel Lineup.  Depending on your Basic Core Package,

some of these channels may not be available.  Call for details.

You have credit on file now for DIRECTV promotional materials! Credits range from $50.00 to $500.00 depending on your programming purchases.  Your UserName is:   DTV------- (insert your Acct. #  without spaces or leading zeros).  Your password is: directv.   You'll  see your credit amount in the upper-right corner. Credits can also be used on shipping expenses!  Let us be your teammate and help your business grow!  Credits expire at the end of each calendar year.  USE NOW!

Tech Tips

When information is requested for equipment checks, you can use your remote control.  Press and hold the INFO button.  You will see system information including your access card number.  This can help speed technical issue questions when speaking to us or DIRECTV.

While on certain sports channels, i.e., ESPN, NFL Network, NBA Network, etc., press the red interactive button.  Wait 2 min. and you will see the DIRECTV Sports Schedule interactive menu on the right-hand side.  Use arrow buttons to navigate to the game your customer is looking for!



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